Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Trouble


 Her cell phone vibrated. There was a text message from him. She hadn't even looked at it yet, but she had a feeling trouble was brewing for her. Good trouble. 

Nervously, she opened the text. "Position 7. NOW"
Holy crap. This was not good. 

She had become increasingly familiar with his short texts. The shorter the text - the more intense the message.

Jumping three steps at a time, she bounded up the stairs, hopped in the shower and prepared herself fast as humanly possibly. She was unaware that she could move so quickly. Somehow she thought dawdling would not serve her well.

Just as she crawled into the bed, she heard the front door shut. Was her heart racing from her rushing about or was it from excitedly nervous anticipation?

The bathroom door opened and closed. She held her breath as she felt his presence in the room.
No hello. No, "How was your day?" Now was not the time.

"You are so incredibly lucky you followed directions, little girl. You would not be prepared for the punishment you would have received."

"Yes, Sir."

"Speak not, little one. In fact, you are not my little girl. Prepare yourself. My dirty little girl is about to be used hard and fucked well."

She sensed she was staring down the barrel of trouble. Good trouble.

He grabbed the back of her hair and spun her around. Luckily she was completely soaked because he plowed into her like a freight train. It took her a minute to realize that the delicious screams she heard were eminating from within her.

"I fucking own you. Do you understand? You are mine." All she could do was nod -seeing as how his hand around her neck left only enough air to breathe- not articulate. His dominance was making her hot and wet like crazy.

"Good girl. All Daddy needs you to do is take it."

He pounded and plowed so hard that his thrusts lifted her off the mattress. He flipped her over on her side, and rammed into her from behind. She wanted to beg him desperately to climax. Being clairvoyant, he siad, "Not just yet, my dirty girl."

He suddenly got up and grabbed her by the hair. He plopped her in the chair and commenced to use leverage to go all in. The pleasure and pain of his thrusts against her cervix made her tremble. There was no way she was going to be able to stave off a climax much longer. 

Just then, he motioned her back to bed. Being face down, she did not see the positively primal look in his eye. He grabbed her hair. Nowhere near yet being sated, he growled in her ear:
"You are in trouble little one. This may be the night you dust off your safe word. I sure hope you remember it..."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I like my body...

I won't presume to add to perfection, so without further adieu - 

e.e. cummings

Remind you of your Sir? Your baby girl?


Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Ride Home

She really amazed him at times. As an inherent introvert, it was no secret that accompanying him to business events was not her favorite way to spend an evening. As she often pointed out, these functions were almost exclusively male and she never knew any of the guests.

Yet, here she was, smiling and listening intently to the ramblings of his colleagues and bigwigs- who could be- on a good day - monotone and boring. On a bad day - long winded and rambling would a gross understatement.

When he caught her eye, she smiled coquettishly and bit her bottom lip ever so slightly. She knew he loved that look - so sexy, yet innocent. It made him want to ravish his little girl. They had been to these functions before where he was able to find an inconspicuous place where he could have his way with her. Alas, tonight was not to be one of those nights.

She could feel the weight of his stare. His eyes bore a whole right through to her soul and it set her ablaze. She could tell his was a look of desire.

Minutes felt like hours. He needed to use her. He needed to use her roughly. He needed to use her now. After what seemed like an eternity, the requisite farewells were delivered. As they walked out to the valet, his hand at the small of her back felt white hot and seemed to melt her flesh. This would be some evening.

His desire for her ignited a fiery lust within her. He glanced over and lifted her dress a little. "Play for me, little one."  He gave an illustration by way of his fingers dipping into her inner core. The probative pleasure she was feeling washed over her. She began to follow suit and did some exploring of her own. Back and forth it went. His fingers. Her fingers. As deep and rhythmically as their fingers explored, she was amazed that they hadn’t driven off the road. Soon, that wouldn’t be an issue.

He abruptly pulled the car over and got out. He walked over to her side of the car and opened the door. Hand around her throat, he pulled her out of the car - firmly enough to show his dominance.

Yanking off his shirt and ripping off her dress, he practically threw her up onto the roof of the car. There were no kisses, no caresses or sweet nothings whispered today. He bent her legs back, dragged her down so that her tight wet entrance was at precisely the ideal location.

She gasped aloud from the rough entry --that delicious moment of pain when she was being forced to accept the entire breadth of him all at once. What if they were discovered? What if she couldn’t stifle her moans? When he grabbed her ass - when he put his hand around her throat -- when she began to drift closer to the white light of complete ecstasy -the answer came to her -- she didn’t give a damn…

Sunday, October 2, 2011


My mind has been filled.
My body has been filled.
My heart has been filled.

And now, my soul is about to be filled.

For my job is to serve, obey and please my Daddy -