Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dominate Me

inspire me
motivate me
guide me

mold me
teach me 
explore me

challenge me
discipline me
humble me

take me
use me
control me

own me

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Sir, With Love

When I wake
I crave your touch.

When at last you return 
I long to sink into you.

 No pretense.
There is no defense.
I just thirst for your kiss.

Take me.
Fill me.
Own me.
Devour me…

For this heart beats only for you.

I submit to you all that I am.
I take your essence in like air.
I cannot breathe without you.

As I count the minutes until I see you again,
I wait impatiently for 
my Daddy
my Master…

To Sir, 
with Love

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Early

She had quickly exhausted ways in which to entertain herself. Dinner with friends, catching up on work, even mindless TV shows -- none of it filled the void of his absence. His business didn't take him away often, but when it did, she felt like a lost little lamb -- aimless without his guidance.

She wanted him beside her and inside her. His smell still lingered on his pillow and she quickly substituted it for her own. While only gone a few days, her body ached for him. Nightwear was optional when he was away, but she desperately wanted to be reminded of him - to be close to him. After a quick shower, she checked her cell anticipating a message. Nothing. Her heart sank a bit. He knew everything about her. Why couldn't he tell that she needed a piece of him now?

She scanned her phone for his old text messages. What was it about him? Though the words were weeks old, the fire between her legs began to rage as if he were right there. She tried as best she could to quell the heat, but it quickly proved too much. Not normally disobedient, she was about to do the unthinkable.

Naked still, she climbed into bed. The good girl on her shoulder sent objections. The naughty girl within made quick work of convincing her to open the night table drawer. His words began to fill her head. She was forbidden to use any of her toys without permission. Alas, not very submissive, but she simply HAD to put the fire out.

Arched back. Lustful moans. Passion unleashed. She decided there was no point in turning back. Her favorite toy in hand and imagining him inside her encouraged the squirting that was now taking place. Luckily, he wasn't due back until tomorrow evening so she decided clean up could wait until morning. If he knew, she would surely be punished. Sated and spent, she hugged his pillow tight and went to meet him in her dreams.

Maybe she could have prepared. Maybe she should have held out. Whatever the case, the safety of her slumber was about to be compromised.  For there he stood in the doorway, hairbrush in hand...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I am done parenting. 
I am done multi-tasking. 
I am done delegating.
I am done managing.
I am no longer in control.
I surrender to you.
I am completely

Monday, August 8, 2011

An Erotic Game of Cat and Mouse

"Buzz." The sound of an incoming text message usually made her mouth go dry with anticipation. He had inadvertently conditioned her like Pavlov’s dog. Only this time, she was up to her eyeballs in work and had a deadline. She seriously considered turning it off, but quickly thought better of it. For starters, he told her that her phone must ALWAYS remain on. Secondly, it may be her assistant with the information she need to put into her report.

She picked up her phone and her heart skipped a beat. “I can always tell if you have been naughty” read the text message. Damn, it turned her on when he sent her messages like that! Purposely ambiguous. She didn’t recall doing anything wrong - but then again, he didn’t actually accuse her either. He totally knew how to get inside her head.

Four grueling hours later, after barely meeting her deadline, she heard her cell phone buzzing as she walked to her car. “I control everything about you.” That’s all the text message said. She had to admit his random texts displaying his dominance over her made her instantly wet.

As she dropped her keys on the counter, she got another text. “You are never going anywhere…” Her head was starting to spin and her knickers were damp. She wasn’t sure why, but he was clearly playing an erotic game of cat and mouse with her. She decided to go with it - as if she really had a choice.

Entering the bedroom, she found a box sitting atop the bed with a note attached. Curiouser and curiouser. Gosh, this was making her crazy hot! The way he was able to control her without being anywhere around. The note read, “Get undressed and change into this outfit. Take the blindfold and tie it around your eyes. Make sure that you cannot see. When you are done, sit in the chair and wait. DO NOT MOVE!

Quickly, she showered. She returned to the bedroom and went for the box. Her hands were trembling. He didn’t tell her how long she had to get ready. Was he watching? She must have jumped three feet in the air when her cell phone buzzed yet again. “Did I tell you to shower?!?
Her heart seemed to stop beating for a second. How did he know? Was it coincidence?  Was he merely trying to get a reaction out of her? Buzzzz. “You must learn to follow directions, naughty girl. Do as you were told. NOW!” Her knees began to shake.

Slowly, she opened the box. The image took her breath away. Inside was a fancy black lingerie set -- black bra and panties, as well as a black silk scarf. He did have such exquisite taste. He always bought her lingerie and her clothing purchases were subject to his approval on the occasions when he didn’t buy them himself. Quickly, she put on the lingerie and sat backwards in the chair. It made it easier to tie the blindfold around herself. She tripled checked it to make certain that she could not see. She wasn’t sure of his mood, but she certainly did not want to push her luck. Whatever his plan was for her, she had a feeling that he was not in a mood to abide her cheekiness.

The house was still and quiet. She wasn’t sure how long she should sit there or how long she had been waiting. What she did know was that she was beginning to lose all sense of time and place. Out of nowhere, music began playing in the background. It startled her so she actually yelped out loud. She couldn’t tell if he activated it by timer or by remote control. She had to admit that all this intrigue and mystery was an incredible turn on. She was getting her pretty new panties very wet indeed.

She never heard him enter the room. She never saw him watching her. He loved the way she looked when the moonlight illuminated her skin. He especially loved the way she looked in the lingerie he picked out. When he saw it in the store, he knew she had to have it. He was stiff most of the day just thinking about how well she would wear it. An imperceptible smile crossed his face as he watched her head dart about at every creak or sound she heard.

He walked towards her and wrapped his forearm around her neck. She moaned as he applied pressure and whispered in her ear. “I own you completely, yes?” She could only shake her head as words seemed to abandon her.
He reached down into her panties and touched between her legs. “So I see you are enjoying this. You enjoy relinquishing control to me." It was a statement rather than a question. “You are mine and I control everything about you. Do you understand?” “Yy-yes, Sir” she stammered. His hands and lips began to explore her body. He ran his fingers across her nipples and licked under the elastic of her panties. She thought she might faint from the sensation - which was heightened to the Nth degree since she didn’t know which area would be next. 

He helped her to her feet where he positioned her on her knees up on the bed. She let out a loud gasp as he ripped her panties off her body. She thought she would surely drown - for now her river truly began to crest and overflow. He smiled as he plunged his fingers inside her molten core.

He pushed her down on the bed and using his knees, he pried her legs apart. As he thrust himself into her, she let out a moan. Leaning next to her ear he said to her, "Does it feel good?" "Yes, Sir yes! Please, Sir, may I..."  His increased pounding rendered her speechless. "Please!! Sir, Please!" He smiled as he pulled out of her and watched her body convulse from being so close to the edge but denied the opportunity to climax. "Sometimes, it is simply a reminder so that you will learn to follow directions and never forget that you belong to me."

 He put a finger inside her and she began to moan uncontrollably. "Yes," he said. "I do love to hear you moan for me, especially when you want it so. You want it, don't you? " "Yes, Sir, please." 

"Then I shall give it to you."

 "Oh, yes, please, Sir, may I have it now?...I...ahhh, ahhhh.." 
She knew better than to orgasm without permission, but he sure was making it difficult for her to contain it.

Of course, being blindfolded, she never saw the imperceptible smile on his face nor the flogger before it began to rain down on her perfectly exposed bottom...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Spanked then Taken

Oh, to be in an alley in Italy...spanked then taken...

Is there anything hotter than that?