Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To Sir, With Love

When I wake
I crave your touch.

When at last you return 
I long to sink into you.

 No pretense.
There is no defense.
I just thirst for your kiss.

Take me.
Fill me.
Own me.
Devour me…

For this heart beats only for you.

I submit to you all that I am.
I take your essence in like air.
I cannot breathe without you.

As I count the minutes until I see you again,
I wait impatiently for 
my Daddy
my Master…

To Sir, 
with Love


DauntlessVitality said...

"Take me
Fill me
Own me
Devour me"

I love that! Very nice!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Your have a lovely way with words. I'm enjoying your blog!

Take care, Sky

Baby Girl said...

This made me tear up and sniffle a bit. LDRs are awful.

Anonymous said...

It always makes me feel bereft when I wake up to an empty bed. Daddy "owned" me last night and I wanted to see him this morning, but he was already gone.
Thanks for the thoughts and the lovely pictures:)!


baby girl said...


I find you awesome, so I humbly accept your kind words.


I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. Promise you'll visit often!


Sorry for the sniffles, and yes, LDRs can be great and bite at the same time!


I am happy it spoke to you personally which is always my intent.

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

O sweetheart... How I'd love to take you outta the whorizontal and show you what the TRUE meaning of 'your Daddy' ... But, alas! How can I if you'll not break-away from the plane of earth?? All I can give you is this, all I can hope for is one day you'll be Upthere, Upstairs for eternity, girl --- Cannot do 'em all in this weee time on earth, yet, ya most certainly CAN in Heaven Above where we have the length and breadth of eternity. Meet me in Heaven, gorgeous girl, where I’ll tenderly, gently, lovingly kiss your adorable feet because I’m so #@!! happy you made it; lookit ‘sexponential’ first and lemme make love to you Beyond the Clouds to do many other wonderfull, appetizing things as well. See ya soon. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

This makes me want... I look forward to discovering a woman of substance who will give of herself so completely.


Smiles appreciatively,
Sir L

baby girl said...

Sir L,

I understand your sentiment. I look forward to discovering a man to whom I can give myself completely. In time, I believe we both shall find it!

Thanks for the compliment!