Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Early

She had quickly exhausted ways in which to entertain herself. Dinner with friends, catching up on work, even mindless TV shows -- none of it filled the void of his absence. His business didn't take him away often, but when it did, she felt like a lost little lamb -- aimless without his guidance.

She wanted him beside her and inside her. His smell still lingered on his pillow and she quickly substituted it for her own. While only gone a few days, her body ached for him. Nightwear was optional when he was away, but she desperately wanted to be reminded of him - to be close to him. After a quick shower, she checked her cell anticipating a message. Nothing. Her heart sank a bit. He knew everything about her. Why couldn't he tell that she needed a piece of him now?

She scanned her phone for his old text messages. What was it about him? Though the words were weeks old, the fire between her legs began to rage as if he were right there. She tried as best she could to quell the heat, but it quickly proved too much. Not normally disobedient, she was about to do the unthinkable.

Naked still, she climbed into bed. The good girl on her shoulder sent objections. The naughty girl within made quick work of convincing her to open the night table drawer. His words began to fill her head. She was forbidden to use any of her toys without permission. Alas, not very submissive, but she simply HAD to put the fire out.

Arched back. Lustful moans. Passion unleashed. She decided there was no point in turning back. Her favorite toy in hand and imagining him inside her encouraged the squirting that was now taking place. Luckily, he wasn't due back until tomorrow evening so she decided clean up could wait until morning. If he knew, she would surely be punished. Sated and spent, she hugged his pillow tight and went to meet him in her dreams.

Maybe she could have prepared. Maybe she should have held out. Whatever the case, the safety of her slumber was about to be compromised.  For there he stood in the doorway, hairbrush in hand...


Histoy said...

ohhhh soooo hot! I like : )

Anonymous said...

Nice writing....hopefully he'll have a little mercy on the poor girl !

Unknown said...

Oh so hot!

Baby Girl said...

Yummy! You're an incredible writer babygirl.

1ManView said...

Nice naughty story for a naughty girl.. I like!...

Anonymous said...

What a tastety story especially the ending!!

Mikki said...

Hot hot!! You do write so well!! Nice!

Vulnerable said...

mmmm I love this post and i love your blog

warmly welcome in my own also:)


baby girl said...


I'm glad you found it hot!


Thanks for the compliment. Do you think he had mercy on her? Should he?


Glad you liked it!


That is an awesome compliment.


Always enjoy getting a male seal of approval. I'm pleased you enjoyed it.


A bit of a twist at the end is always a bit wicked!


I am honored that you enjoy my writing. Thank you!


Welcome to my blog and I hope you will visit often!

Stan/E. said...

I love the way you write... Linked, immediately.

Kisses from France

baby girl said...


Welcome to my blog. I always enjoy hearing the male view. I'm happy you enjoyed it and I hope you visit often. Thanks for the link.

Bienvenue sur mon blog. J'aime entendre le point de vue masculin, et j'espère vous voir bientôt. J'apprécie le lien! (Via Google translate)

Anonymous said...

This is delicious writing, to be savoured and appreciated time and time again. I'll most certainly be back!


Stan/E. said...

Dear SBG... The male view is all mine, for sure you'll discover it on my own blog, if you wish. I really enjoy "the cat and the mouse", and "coming home early", which sounds to me really lovely written...

Ill be back... (with Arnold's voice...)

Anonymous said...

So hot! Punishment can be so sweet. Yep, he should definitely punish her!... I mean you! lol

poured out said...


Nice story. Very nice ending!

baby girl said...

Sir Libertine,

Love it when a man enjoys my work (there are SO many ways to go with that statement). Hope you will visit again soon!


I am pleased you enjoyed it.


I agree. Mega hot. As her bottom will be shortly.

poured out,

Welcome! I am happy you liked it and I hope you will visit again very soon.

Anonymous said...

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