Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Happy hours really weren’t her thing. Especially ones attached to out of town business conferences. A bunch of random people sitting around making small talk with other random people. She could think of better ways to spend her time. But since her coworkers had begged, pleaded, cajoled and coerced - she finally agreed. Perhaps a little time out would lift her mood and reduce her stress a bit.

After a time, and  pomegranate martini or three, she was starting to feel more relaxed. She had to admit she was starting to enjoy herself. Surprisingly, the men there weren’t the typical boring type. She managed to have a few lively conversations with a few interesting gentlemen.

She couldn’t help but notice, however, one man in particular. Every now and then, his eyes locked with hers until she looked away. His eyes were the brownest she’d ever seen and they seemed to hypnotize her. The way he stared -- it seemed as if he was looking right inside her.

When she finally gathered the courage to look up again, he was gone. She did a quick scan and decided that she had missed her opportunity.

“You have an amazing ass. I’d love to do so many things with it.” She hadn’t noticed him come up behind her, but the way his voice resonated in her ear made her instantly wet.

He sat down next to her and bought her a drink. She was completely captivated. They made seamless conversation. They talked about football while he put his hand on her thigh. He must have read the glint in her eyes. “You’re thinking that you should object, but your body doesn’t want to, does it?”

“No, it doesn’t,” she managed feebly. “You are embarrassed at how your body responds, aren’t you?” She could only manage a nod - especially since his fingers had discovered the wetness of her crotch. 

“Have you ever been finger fucked while sitting at a bar? Are you afraid someone may see me fingering your hot wet pussy?” His fingers plunged so deep inside, she thought she might faint. 

“Here. In exactly ten minutes, you’ll need this.” He slid something to her across the bar. She looked down and noticed that it was a hotel key card. She wasn’t sure how to formulate a reply. Should she display indignation? Disbelief, what? It was a moot point anyway because in an instant he was gone. 

After a few moments, and a tad more liquid courage, she headed for the exit. As she rummaged in her handbag for her keys, an arm grabbed her wrist and pulled her into an adjacent room. The room was dark and when the lights came on, she found him sitting on the sofa. “Come here.”

For reasons that escaped her, her body betrayed her and seemed destined to obey his commands. He pulled her to him and ran his hands up her thighs. She was embarrassed now that underwear didn’t really go with her dress. He plunged a finger into her hotly soaked pussy and she gasped aloud. His fingers delved deep inside her private place and she threw her head back in ecstasy. Suddenly, he got up. “ You know where you were told to be. So be.” With that, he abruptly left. 

She scrambled to her feet and quickly found his key. Was she really going to do this?

Between the flutters in her belly and the knocking of her knees, she thought for sure she was crazy. Somehow, she found the fortitude to open the door. She heard music but saw no one. Making her way to the bedroom, she found a note on the bed: Shower, put these on, remain standing, and wait.

Quickly, she complied. She sat on the bed, freshly showered wearing lingerie, heels and a blindfold. After jumping at every creak, rustle and sound generated by her anxious imagination, she sensed his presence.

She felt soft caresses all about her body. It drove her insane with desire because she never knew where the next delicious touch would land nor when it could come. She felt her thong being pushed aside and a tongue lick her sweet spot until she almost fell off her feet. Literally. Hands guided her to the bed where she landed on her back. Her legs were flung over her head and the entry was rough and primal. The hands grabbed her throat and squeezed. Fuck! Had she bitten off more than she could …

She couldn’t think. He was fucking her so rough but it felt incredible. So incredible that she felt an orgasm barreling down like a freight train. She was so turned on she could feel her own wetness leak onto the sheets. 

As he grabbed her hair with one hand and her neck with the other, he began to squeeze more firmly, just a bit past the point she thought she should be concerned. He nuzzled close to her ear and growled, “Fuck. My little girl has gotten Daddy incredibly turned on.”

“But the next time I say be here in ten minutes, that’s what I mean.” 

He flipped her over on to her belly so that she was now in his favorite pose: face down, ass up.

“Now Daddy is going to make you pay for being late and making me wait. And you are going to pay. Deeply….”

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Suddenly Awaken

She was having such a wonderful dream.

Just as she was at a particularly hot part of the dream, she was suddenly awaken by a slight pain in her arm. Maybe she was just laying on it the wrong way. She attempted to move, but found she couldn't. 

The, "What the Hell!" in her throat never materialized as she felt as hands clamped down around her mouth then wrapped around her neck.

"Daddy's in a mood, little one. I need to use you, hard. And I'm going to use you, hard. Do you trust me?"

"Y-y-yes, Daddy." she stammered.

"Good girl."

"I plan to take advantage of the body that I own. The body that is meant for my pleasure. Maybe you will get release - maybe you won't. Quite frankly, it is immaterial to me. You belong to me and Daddy has much stress and frustration to release. I plan on doing that by fucking you -- all of you -- any way that I choose and until I am satisfied. Do you understand?"

She knew that was a rhetorical question. Having complete trust in him and being completely owned by him, she felt her job was to please him - which pleased her. "I understand, Daddy."

In an instant, she found herself being straddled as she struggled for air, for he was plunging himself deeper and deeper into her mouth. Freeing her wrists, he plunged his fingers into her creamy, wet center and it was all she could do not to explode. He must have recognized it on her face. "Don't you fucking dare!," he growled in her ear as she wrapped his hands around her neck. She knew she had to have permission, but he was making it really hard to resist.

He was so strong that he flipped her face down onto the bed with one fluid motion. Grabbing her by the hair, he ushered her up onto her knees --face down, ass up -- his favorite. He pounded so hard, her head banged into the headboard, finally pinning her to that edge that rendered her immobile. All she could do was whimper in ecstasy.

Suddenly he grabbed her hair and forced her upright. He plunged a finger into her unsuspecting ass and she let out a yelp. "Good girl. Daddy's dirty little girl." That served to force stream of her wetness to run down her legs.

At this sight, he grunted aloud and kissed her on her neck. He kissed; she whimpered. He bit down on her shoulder and she cried out. "Fuck. Daddy loves to mark his property."

She thought she might pass out. Not from the pain - the bite was firm but not hard - but from the strain of trying desperately not to squirt all over the place. He pushed her back up to her knees - her face down to the bed.

The tip of his stiffness threatened to push through her backdoor like a tornado. He alternated between his tip and his finger until she thought she would faint. Her mouth moved but no sound could be heard. If it was possible to perish from pleasure, she felt surely she was getting close.

Suddenly he got up. The admonishment to lie still seemed implied. Just as well. Her breathing was far too erratic for her to move anyway.

She sensed that he went to the closet. She dared not move, so she was unsure of what was to come.

"Tell me that you are mine, little one."

"I am yours, Daddy."

The sound of his hand coming down on her unprepared ass filled the room like a shot.

"Are you ready little girl? The warm up is over. I hope you are prepared for Daddy's use."

First came the blindfold, then wrist ties, then the iPod.

Pleasure and pain were soon to follow...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Versatile Blogger

I have been nominated, by William from The Training of My Lovely Slut for a Versatile Blogger Award. In addition to sending him my humblest thanks, I also want to pass on the following information.

So without further adieu, here's a bit info about me:
* I have a license to carry a gun. Pretty bad ass for a sub, right?
* It freaks me out to leave closet and cabinet doors open.
* I'm an avid mystery reader and I read the last page of any book first. Crazy, I know.
* I am a complete school geek. I have an Associate degree, two Bachelor's degree with two minors each, and a Master's. And I'm seriously considering getting a Doctorate. What can I say, I really love school.
* I hate washing dishes and never understood why I have to make a bed that I will mess up again.
* I am a published author.
* I am unabashedly addicted to Starbucks.

 Pass the award to 15 other bloggers.

Don't know if I can do 15 without repeating others that have already been nominated, but I'll give it a shot. Let's see... these are some blogs that I enjoy in no particular order:

*Trying to Learn, Learning to Try: How can you not love Kay and her antics -- that never really work out for her? A real loop hole ninja.

* Ecce Spanko: Dineo's poetry. Awesomely creative.

*hisdesires: Love reading the dynamic between Britt and M. 

*Surrender to Submission: Love K's sweetie and her journey with submission - and sometimes her fights against it.

*My Bottom Smarts: Of  course, how can you have an award and NOT list the Oprah of the D/s/spanking blogs.

*The Empty Collar: A really tough lady with a wonderful blog.

As a relatively new blogger, there are many blogs that I am not yet familiar with, but I look forward to coming across. Reading the blogs of my friends and peers inspires me to become a better writer.

So please, check out these blogs, in addition to the ones on my blog roll. I'm sure they will welcome you and I'm equally sure you will enjoy them!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gotta Love a Lurker!

When I first began my little blog, it was a hope chest of sorts. It was a way to vent my creativity while I searched for a Daddy of my own. I never expected anyone to take interest in it, really.

Fast forward 22,000 page views and 53 friends later -- and surprise! People are interested and supportive (and super nice). I even have familiar friends who visit and comment often.

Here's where you come in. Yes, YOU! While I adore the regulars that visit, I know that the people who stumble by far outnumber the ones who comment often. I would love for you to take a look around, and leave a comment or two. If you are so inclined, feel free to subscribe.

To those who visit often, again, my humblest thanks. To those of you who are new or here for the first time, welcome! Please feel free to come back and say hi as often as you'd like!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Anal Virginity, Lost

“Show me, little girl. Your Daddy is anxious to see it.”

How could she say no? Saying no to Daddy was certainly not allowed, but she was a bit embarrassed. On the whole, however, her desire to make her Daddy happy was far stronger than her timidity.

“Lie down.” She did as she was told. She began to tremble a bit as she lifted her dress and began to pull down her panties. “Very pretty, little one, but we need to get rid of them.”
In an instant, she found herself bottomless.

Her begging took on the form of inarticulate whimpering. He was using the toy on her sweet spot and she felt on fire. In fact, she was becoming engulfed by the heat. “Come for me now, little girl.”

“Yes, Daddy…Yes, Daddy, Yes, Daddy” she mumbled over and over. One climax gave way to the next, until she began to shake uncontrollably. Suddenly, the damn burst and her river began to overflow. Literally. “My word, little one, so much…Holy crap!…You are gushing and squirting!”

Just then, he buried her face in her hidden treasure. By the time the bright white light began to fade, she hadn’t remembered being turned over on her belly nor her wrists being tied to the bed.

“Now little one," his husky voice bellowed. "Time to earn the prize you just received. And trust me, you will have to earn every single lick.  You will hurt. You will take pain tonight, little one. Your time as Daddy's little anal virgin has just come to an end..."

And that was just the beginning...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Trouble


 Her cell phone vibrated. There was a text message from him. She hadn't even looked at it yet, but she had a feeling trouble was brewing for her. Good trouble. 

Nervously, she opened the text. "Position 7. NOW"
Holy crap. This was not good. 

She had become increasingly familiar with his short texts. The shorter the text - the more intense the message.

Jumping three steps at a time, she bounded up the stairs, hopped in the shower and prepared herself fast as humanly possibly. She was unaware that she could move so quickly. Somehow she thought dawdling would not serve her well.

Just as she crawled into the bed, she heard the front door shut. Was her heart racing from her rushing about or was it from excitedly nervous anticipation?

The bathroom door opened and closed. She held her breath as she felt his presence in the room.
No hello. No, "How was your day?" Now was not the time.

"You are so incredibly lucky you followed directions, little girl. You would not be prepared for the punishment you would have received."

"Yes, Sir."

"Speak not, little one. In fact, you are not my little girl. Prepare yourself. My dirty little girl is about to be used hard and fucked well."

She sensed she was staring down the barrel of trouble. Good trouble.

He grabbed the back of her hair and spun her around. Luckily she was completely soaked because he plowed into her like a freight train. It took her a minute to realize that the delicious screams she heard were eminating from within her.

"I fucking own you. Do you understand? You are mine." All she could do was nod -seeing as how his hand around her neck left only enough air to breathe- not articulate. His dominance was making her hot and wet like crazy.

"Good girl. All Daddy needs you to do is take it."

He pounded and plowed so hard that his thrusts lifted her off the mattress. He flipped her over on her side, and rammed into her from behind. She wanted to beg him desperately to climax. Being clairvoyant, he siad, "Not just yet, my dirty girl."

He suddenly got up and grabbed her by the hair. He plopped her in the chair and commenced to use leverage to go all in. The pleasure and pain of his thrusts against her cervix made her tremble. There was no way she was going to be able to stave off a climax much longer. 

Just then, he motioned her back to bed. Being face down, she did not see the positively primal look in his eye. He grabbed her hair. Nowhere near yet being sated, he growled in her ear:
"You are in trouble little one. This may be the night you dust off your safe word. I sure hope you remember it..."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I like my body...

I won't presume to add to perfection, so without further adieu - 

e.e. cummings

Remind you of your Sir? Your baby girl?