Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Inevitable

it was that look in her eyes.

it was the way she softly called
his name.

it was the breathy moan of her 
river in motion.

it was her 
pretty little heart beat
that echoed
loudly through the room,

the anticipation intoxicating.

as she waited for

the inevitable...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Question...

  • What if we took a moment to be thankful about that which we have, rather than complaining about what we feel is missing?

  • What if he is not 6’3’, 200 lbs, and #15 on the Forbes 100 list but rather an average guy who would slay dragons for you?

  • What if instead of compiling an endless list of all his “must have” traits, you actually log time being open to finding him?

  • What if, instead of bemoaning the fact that he ALWAYS manages to leave his wet towel on the floor, you bask in the fact that the ALWAYS places his hand at the small of you back as you work your way through the crowd?

  • What if instead of wanting to be right, you decide to be happy?

  • What if he isn't perfect but he is absolutely perfect for you?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Orgasm, Denied

On the drive home, we pass the time by listening to music and talking. Important things, routine things, silly things -- there is no subject out of bounds for us. We have about a three hour drive before we arrive home. As we have been up since quite early this morning, the lull of the tires against the asphalt, the crooning of Sinatra and the comfort of your voice has conspired to lull me to sleep. You glance over and notice that I am dozing off. Your hand brushes my hair from my eyes. You smile and let me nap. 

Once home, you direct me to shower and then go directly to bed. I inquire about our bags, unpacking and the like, but you will not here of it. I offer to wait up, you decline it with a kiss to my forehead. You need to answer a few emails and tell me you will be up shortly.

Freshly showered, the last bit of energy is quickly abandoning me. I grab a sleep shirt and put it on. Although you decline my offer, I grab a book, sit in the bedroom easy chair and attempt to read for a few minutes in hopes you will soon be done. My eyes are so heavy. Perhaps if I close them for just a second….

Done checking your emails, you come up to prepare for bed. Noticing the bed is empty, you look over. You smile a bit and remove the book that has fallen askew. After switching off the lamp, you scoop me up from the chair and place me onto the bed. I moan sleepily, but I am so tired I remain fast asleep. I never realize that I am in bed now, nor that you have left me to shower yourself.

You re-enter the bedroom and I am exactly as you left me. Taking a seat beside me, you lean in and whisper in my ear, “You were supposed to go straight to bed, baby girl. You wanted to stay awake, then awake you shall be.” A mischievous grin on your face, you raise my shirt a bit and reposition my legs so they are duly spread. You approach from the foot of the bed. Sliding between my legs, you manage to put my legs over your shoulders. I have made it easy for you to implement your deliciously wicked plan since I am sans panties. Slowly you kiss my perfectly smooth skin. I begin to stir but you are hardly done.

Your fingers begin to probe my core and I come out of my sleep. The come hither motion you make with your finger inside me makes me gasp and makes the room feel like it’s floating. The flicking off your tongue around my lips and I am fully awake but have been robbed of speech. Fingers, lips, mouth, tongue - I am about to explode. “Are you ready, baby girl?” 

“Yes, Daddy.” I know better than to climax without permission, but I fear I can’t take much more.

“Didn't Daddy tell you not to wait up?” you ask while thrusting two fingers inside me.

Yes, Daddy. I’m sorry…please Daddy…I can’t. Please!

The sensations are taking over me now. Lips kissing secret places. Tongue invading private places. “Oh..., ahh..., Daddy...” Though I can’t tell when it happened, I am now being betrayed by my vibrator. You are now increasing the intensity. Masterfully, your tongue and fingers bring me to the edge…and then back away. I writhe and pant and moan. You take the vibrator and slowly begin teasing me. I grab handfuls of the blanket and arch my back. 

You take this moment to thrust your tongue inside the volcano erupting between my legs as the hot lava now flows freely. With every buzz, the vibrator pushes me further and further into the mire of ecstasy. An enervated, “Daddy” is all I can muster. The vibe hits my sweet spot and my body begins to thrash. I am panting and crying out. One last thrust of your tongue and I begin to convulse. Any second now, the volcano will erupt. I fight to contain it by grabbing the blankets. Amidst my laboured breathing, I hear you say, “When I give you a direction, I expect you to follow it. You will not come.” You place you finger inside me, place the vibe right on the spot that you’ve come to know so well, and I tremble and shake and omigod, I can’t hold back…and just as I see the white light of climax approach…

You stop.

I have a convulsion of sensory overload from what almost was. You smile, kiss the forehead of my now trembling body as I try to regulating my breathing. You turn me over on my belly and stroke my hair as I slowly begin to catch my breath.

Consider that your punishment, baby girl. Orgasm, denied.”

An almost imperceptible smile crosses your face. "But, if it makes you feel any better, there is something you can have,"
you say, reaching for the hairbrush on the bedside table...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Submissive Acrostic

Sweet Submission
Limits languished
Absolute attention
Voraciously vulnerable
Euphorically excited


Directives demanded
Asked and answered
Disciplined daily

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Daddy's Home

Though it doesn't happen often, you have been away on business. Unlike other couples, we manage the short time apart well, considering that for the longest time, we were separated by a vast ocean - each on our own continent. I knew that you would be home this evening - just not entirely sure when. Of course I offered to wait up for you. Ever the gentleman, you would not hear of it. It would be one thing if you knew an approximate time, but as you were unsure, you ordered me to adhere to my regular curfew.

Once the house was settled for the evening, I showered and prepared for bed. Admittedly a bit nostalgic, I decided to don one of your shirts to sleep in - sans panties, of course. After reading a bit, I shut off the bedside light and made my way to your side of the bed. Maybe you are not aware of this, but it’s something I do on the rare occasions when you are not here. It makes me feel closer to you. Before I completely surrender to my impending slumber, I say out loud, “Goodnight, Daddy. I’ll meet you shortly in your dreams.”

As sleep comes, I can feel your presence. I lay face down on your pillow still fragrant with your scent. Happy thoughts wash over me -- conversations at the dinner table, walks in the park and laughing about nothing in particular. I can still feel your arms around my waist as I am busy at the kitchen counter. It is almost as if you are right here - the dream is so vivid.

I feel your breath against my neck. The touch of you moving my hair away to make a clear path to leave kisses along my check, my neck, my ear. You whisper in my ear, “You are mine, baby girl. Always. I love my baby girl…I love my baby girl.
Yes, Daddy,” I respond drowsily. The dream is so intense I am subconsciously responding.

Still dreaming, I don’t realize that you have returned from your trip. Not having to be up early, you decide not to wake me. You watch me sleep for a moment. There is a full moon so it illuminates a bit of the room. Ever the artist, you find the glow it casts across me appealing. You notice that I am partially on your side of the bed. Gently, you peel back the blanket and smile at my decision of nightwear. I am on my belly and you lift up the shirt so it is gathered about my waist. You smile. Fully exposed, illuminated by Bella Luna herself, is my bare bottom. I stir about a bit, but I do not wake.

Landing a few soft kisses to my bottom, you slide your finger inside me, surprised to find that it is instantly prepared for you. I begin to wiggle a bit, but still I am asleep. As your fingers begin to work their magic, I am becoming semi-conscious now. I distinctly hear, “Daddy’s home, baby girl,” though I am still unclear if it is the dream-you or the real you. The feeling between my legs is suddenly so intense I slowly come out of my sleep and begin to ride the wave. My body thrashes and twists and I begin to comply with the impromptu fingering. “Did you miss, Daddy, baby girl?” You graciously forgive my inability to articulate a response. Mostly I think because you know the question is rhetorical. “Yes, I can tell baby girl missed her Daddy.” I can no longer stifle the moans. I claw at the sheets and bury my face in the pillow. I have reached the edge of the cliff and there is only one escape. “What’s that, baby girl” “……I…” “Are you ready to cum for Daddy?” I say something that vaguely sounds like, “Yes."

The permission to orgasm and you sucking my neck are more than I can bear. A orgasm rips its way through my body like a tidal wave. As I struggle to catch my breath, I can feel you straddle me as I lay face down still. I shudder as you enter me from behind. A moan escapes me as you whisper in my ear, “Daddy’s home, baby girl.”

Monday, July 11, 2011


this will be the evening that 
this insatiable thirst I endure for
the sound of your voice
will be quenched

this precious ache will subside
when at last your presence fills
this cavern inside of
my soul

the dam will finally give way
and I will drown in the sea of my
submission to you

my cheeks will flush amber
as I delight in this
pleasure and pain

my rather tenuous grip is released
and I plunge headfirst into
all that you are

resistance is futile
for I have surrendered
I am what you've made me
I am truly...

baby girl

Friday, July 8, 2011


As she lay there dreaming, it occurred to her that her dream was beginning to feel more real. She could actually feel his strong arms holding her and she loved how comforted this made her feel.

She could feel him growing as he moved closer to her side of the bed and pressed up against her back. As much as she loved this dream, she needed to know if he was really there or if she were imagining it. His husky voice begin to awaken her. His moans began to call to her.

Still groggy, she slowly awoke to realize that he was making his way inside her. Even in her sleep, her body knew that she must always be available to him and it was her favorite alarm clock of sorts.

“You know that you belong to me baby girl.”

‘Yes, of course, Daddy.” It did not seem to be a question.

“You must do as you are told or you will be punished.”

“I know, Daddy.” Grabbing her hair in his strong hands, he had her full attention and her eyes went immediately to his. “That’s right, baby girl. You belong to me and you are never going anywhere. Your job is to make me happy.”

“What are your plans for today?” he asked her.

“ I was planning to run errands this morning, but I did want to meet my friends at Bella Luna’s for dinner, if that’s okay?”

“I have back to back meetings, so I will not be home until after 9PM. You have my permission to go, however, you must finish your chores before you do so, is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir. It is clear.”

“In addition, I need for you to collate all of the documents that are on my desk and put them in my briefcase. It could be done in the morning, but I’d much prefer to have it done ahead of time. I also would like you to prepare my dinner and leave it in the fridge. I will be home well after dinnertime, so I don’t want to have to search for something to eat. Please make sure that my laundry is folded and the dishwasher is empty. Once all of this is completed, then you may go and enjoy your evening out. Do you understand this, baby girl?”

“Yes, Sir. I understand.”

“And what do you think will happen if you fail to follow directions?”

She looks down at the floor, for already the thought of disappointing him is weighing heavy on her heart.

He comes close to her, stands directly in front on her, grabs her hair into a makeshift ponytail and pulls down on it. Not hard enough to cause damage, but certainly forcefully enough that her eyes instinctively look up to meet his.

“If you disobey, what will happen?” he asks. “I will be punished.”

“Yes. If you go out to dinner without completing all of your tasks, then I will be disappointed.”

“I understand. I will not forget, Daddy.”

“That’s my baby girl.” He kissed her hard, leaned her over the granite countertop, and pulled down her pajama bottoms and her panties. After a few hard swats of his hand on her bare bottom which teeter on the edge of playfulness and seriousness, he entered her for his final orgasm of the morning.

Work was a bear. Back to back meetings and excuses offered by intelligent, yet seemingly incompetent staff, conspired to completely frustrate and irritate him. 9PM was far later than he intended to arrive home, especially when he is generally home by six . However, hungry and tired, he was indeed glad to be able to relax.

After getting out of a much needed and pleasurable shower, he went to his bureau to find something to put on. Much to his delight, he noticed that in addition to having fresh linens on the bed and his fluffy towel waiting for him, his clothes were folded and neatly put away as requested. On his face was an almost imperceptible smile as he did so love things to be orderly.

Finding a nice pair of shorts and a tee, he headed down to the kitchen. His growling stomach reminded him that he hadn’t had a bite since about noon. A quick survey of the cupboard confirmed that indeed, the dishwasher had been unloaded. He opened said dishwasher to confirm and was pleased to be correct.

Opening the cupboard, he pulled down a tall glass, into which, he put a few ice cubes. Reaching in the fridge, he thought to himself, “Her homemade cherry vanilla lemonade really is pretty awesome.” He downed a tall glass, then half of another. The hot shower had made him a bit parched.

“I really need to eat. I’m famished!” He looked around in the fridge but could find no covered plate. “Perhaps it’s in the freezer.” Only slightly annoyed because it meant waiting longer for the oven, he pulled the freezer open.


It’s amazing how quickly one can move from slightly annoyed to very irritated.

Scrounging around, he managed to find some leftover chicken and made a sandwich. A chicken sandwich and chips. Not his idea of the hearty dinner he had his sights set on, but at least it was something.

Taking his hastily made dinner into his office, he felt relieved to have the collating done. The last thing he wanted to have to do was tackle it tonight - or worse yet -- have to wake up even earlier to get it done. As his hands were full, he walked into the office without turning on the light. He placed his snack - for really, that’s all it was -- down on the back table and made his way to the wall, feeling for the light switch.

He turned on the light and immediately the veins in his neck began to twitch. For there, seemingly untouched, were the papers he had told her to collate for him. Luckily, he was an extremely calm man under pressure. Eerily so. Almost too clam. Most would bellow and bark. He, on the other hand, became more succinct and measured. He shut off the lights, retrieved his snack and placed it on the kitchen counter. He grabbed his keys and quietly closed and locked the front door.

She really enjoyed spending time out with her friends. Having the summers off was a benefit and having her daughter at her sister’s for the next few days was an unexpected treat. It was nice to sit outside and have dinner al fresco with the girls at her favorite restaurant and she hadn’t done so it quite some time.

As the women become engrossed in their reminiscing and chattering, they didn’t notice him approach until he was standing a few feet away from their table. “Good evening, ladies.” The women looked up. Ever the gentleman, he bent down to kiss her forehead then nodded to the ladies in turn.

“Babe, what a nice surprise! What are you doing here?” He nodded to the waiter, who upon seeing that another had joined the party, brought him a chair.

“I am here to ask you a question.” “Sure, Babe, what’s up.” Babe, you see, was how they referred to each other in mixed company. At home, he was “Daddy” or “Sir.” His eyebrows raised almost imperceptibly at her response, and she immediately cast her eyes downward. He hated the use of “sure” to affirm a response.

“I would like to know what you had for dinner.” “I had pasta as usual.” She thought he was just making pleasant conversation, but he, of course, was quite purposeful.”

“Was it to your liking? Did you enjoy it?” “Yes, it was delicious.” The ladies at the table chimed in “Aww, how sweet.”

“Well? Aren’t you going to ask me what I had for dinner, baby girl?” She was starting to feel a tad unnerved, simply because he called her baby girl in public so infrequently. But she thought she rather enjoyed it.

“What did you have? I know you had to work really late and…” Suddenly, words seemed to elude her. “Lemonade, which was quite tasty, chips and a chicken sandwich.” Slowly the color began to drain from her face. She had forgotten to leave dinner for him. She knew he liked to have his dinner ready or shortly upon his arrival, but surely he couldn’t be that upset? She assumed her friends had resumed chatting amongst themselves. Or had they gone? She was unsure because her surroundings became blurry. When she dared to look at him, she found the answer. All she could see was the disappointment in his eyes, which were boring a whole through her.

“Do you recall my asking you, to prepare my dinner before you left for the evening?” “Yes, I do,” she said, smiling nervously. “So imagine my surprise then, when after a long hard day, I came home tired and hungry to an empty home and an empty fridge.”

“It totally slipped my mind. I forgot. I am so sorry.” Her eyes beseeched his forgiveness. “But that doesn’t make it better, does it?” “No” she said meekly. “Come here, baby girl.” Nervously, she arose from her chair and stood in front of him. “ I see you are wearing the dress I love so much.” “Yes, I am.” It was closely fitting at the top and waist, and loosely flow at the bottom. The soft grey color suited her. Though she was petite, the dress managed to show off her shape and her legs. No wonder he loved it so.

Her friends began to take notice as she stood before him. “Pity it will be wrinkled.”

“But I don’t understa…”

Again, words seemed to elude her. “I want to you lay across my knees.” Her friends looked at the couple, then at each other, wearing nervous smiles. The tension in the air was palpable - quickly supplanting the oxygen. One of the ladies raised a finger and started to interject. “But surely, An..” He looked at the lady and she instantly fell silent, thinking better of it. That was his way. He did not bellow; he did not bark. It was unnecessary. His dominance was inherent and could clearly be felt by others. The women could do nothing but stare in reticence.

“Now!” he said, his voice conveying urgency. She new better than to dawdle, but this was surreal. Was he actually going to chastise her in front of her friends. “I asked you to do something, and you did not do it. I warned that if you did not, there would be consequences, yes?” She somehow managed a barely audible affirmative. “Knees. Now!” Unsure where she would find the strength, she managed to convince her body to move. She closed her eyes and positioned herself across his lap. Was it her imagination, or did there seem to be even more people here than before? While she tried to fill her mind with thoughts to hide her embarrassment, she felt a sight whiff of air. He had pulled her dress up above her waist and pulled down her panties. Though she couldn’t see, she heard the unmistakable gasp of various people in the restaurant, including her friends.

Without warning or delicacy, the first “Smack” penetrated the silence of her friends and the conversations of the other patrons. The sting completely took her breath away. She wasn’t exactly sure if he was still lecturing her or not. The sounds of his strong hands violently kissing her bare bottom, the gasps of the onlookers, and the sounds of her own cries were all conspiring to make hearing quite difficult. The tears which were flowing freely now, made it difficult to see - especially given the fact that her face was down at floor level. He paddled, she squirmed. He paddled, she thrashed. He swatted and she cried. Finally, he stopped. Her bottom was on fire - a fire matched only by the flush of embarrassment in her other cheeks.

He pulled up her panties and pulled down her dress. He took her arm and helped her stand. Face tear-streaked, she blinked away the last remnants of her liquid shame. “Ladies, I am sorry for interrupting your evening. Please get home safely and enjoy the rest of your evening. No need to give her a ride home now. We must say goodnight.” Ever the gentleman, he nodded to the ladies who were too stupefied to move or to speak. Once her vision had returned, she noticed that the wait staff were glued to the floor still holding a cake, next to a large table full of people who looked as if their surprise had been interrupted. Taking her hand, he walked over to the table of the celebrants. Nodding he said, “We apologize if we disrupted your happy occasion, but we hope you can still enjoy the rest of your evening.” Giving her had an almost imperceptible squeeze, she somehow managed a quivering, “Yes, we’re sorry.” She was mortified to say the least. Not only to be spanked, bare bottomed, in front of her friends, and in front of a room full of people, but to be trotted back to apologize to them! It reminded her of a little boy who stole something from the corner store and his mother takes him right back, returns it, and makes him apologize. To make matters worse, now that they are completely in the back of the restaurant; her walk of shame was now the entire length of the restaurant and every set of eyes were upon her.

“When we get home, you are to immediately go upstairs, undress, brush you teeth and go to bed. Is that clear?” “But I..” There was that almost imperceptible eyebrow raise again. She knew better. The eyebrows was the loudest warning bell imaginable and she knew better than to push. “Yes, Sir.” When they arrived, she instinctively did what she was told. She went to the bureau and put on her PJs. Just as she finished brushing her teeth, he called up to her.

Bounding down the stairs, she found him at the kitchen counter. “Will you step into my office for a moment, please?” “Do you recall that I asked you to collate these?” “Yes, you did.” “But clearly they are not done. You were supposed to have this done before you went out, is that correct?” “Yes, Sir, I forgot to do it.” “I see. So you will do it now, then, before you go to bed. I am going to sit out on the deck for a while. Let me know when you are done. Is that understood?” “Yes, Sir.”

She moved quickly to get her task done. She did not want to upset him further by working slowly. With some effort, she made quick work of her project which only made her feel worse. She should have done it before she left like she supposed to. And somehow, as embarrassed as she was this evening, she felt like there was another shoe about to drop.

As she pushed the sliding glass doors of the porch aside, she saw that he was chatting casually with the neighbors. As she approached, she heard him offer the neighbors a seat at the gazebo. After exchanging pleasantries, she informed him that she had indeed finished her assignment. “Would this be the assignment that you failed to do earlier? The one I instructed you to complete before leaving for dinner?” “Yes,” she said meekly as her guilt began to rise within her. “You are grounded for the weekend. You may not watch TV. You may not leave the house without permission, which I am unlikely to give. You will have 30 minutes of corner time before you go to bed.” She opened her mouth to speak, but the words would not come. He pulled out a bottle of water from the outdoor fridge and sat down on the bench. You may not use the computer and you will be in bed, lights out by 9 PM. Is that clear?” “Yes, Sir.”

“Now, while I appreciate you finishing the paperwork I asked you to do earlier, I did say that if it was not finished, you would be punished, correct?” She somehow eeked out an affirmative response. The neighbors were clearly making their way over. Perhaps to say goodnight, perhaps to refresh their drinks. But they seemed to be getting closer far faster than she wanted them to. “Come here. When I give a direction young lady, I expect it to be followed immediately. Do you understand?” “Yes, Sir.”

With that, her grabbed hold of her left arm and in one fluid motion, pulled her down over his knee. His hands yanked down her pretty pink PJ bottoms which came to rest about her knees. Exposed and on display, her white panties were now in plain view. The neighbors who seemed cemented in place, were near enough for an up close view and too far away to retreat. “When I give a direction, you will follow it” he said to her as he pulled down her panties exposing her naked and still smarting bottom. She tried mightily to steel herself for the inevitable. As the first blow to her bare bottom struck, she thought for sure she heard the neighbors jaws actually hit the grass making a thud. Or perhaps the thud she heard were the whacks she was getting. As sore as she was, it didn’t take long for the tears to betray her. With each swat, she cried a little more. Though it lasted far shorter than the earlier spanking, the pain matched with the soreness caused her to openly weep. Just then, when she thought there were surely flames, he stopped, pulled up her panties and pajama bottoms and stood her up. “Say goodnight to our guests. I will be in shortly.” She didn’t bother to stop crying - a weepy “Goodnight” was the best she could do.

Making her way to the bedroom, she immediately went into the corner. After today, she dared not forget this rule, so she stood facing the wall, with her pants and panties about her knees - legs spread to keep them in place.

Still shaking and trying to steady her breathing, she could hear him approach. As he walked into the bedroom, he grabbed a bottle of lotion. As he sat at the foot of the bed, he pumped a few squirts of lotion into his hands. “She does have an amazing ass,” he said to himself as he admired the glow from his handiwork. As he lifted his hand towards her bottom, on his face was an almost imperceptible smile.