Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Question...

  • What if we took a moment to be thankful about that which we have, rather than complaining about what we feel is missing?

  • What if he is not 6’3’, 200 lbs, and #15 on the Forbes 100 list but rather an average guy who would slay dragons for you?

  • What if instead of compiling an endless list of all his “must have” traits, you actually log time being open to finding him?

  • What if, instead of bemoaning the fact that he ALWAYS manages to leave his wet towel on the floor, you bask in the fact that the ALWAYS places his hand at the small of you back as you work your way through the crowd?

  • What if instead of wanting to be right, you decide to be happy?

  • What if he isn't perfect but he is absolutely perfect for you?


Simon Taylor said...

A point well made and very true

Storm said...

"What if he isn't perfect but he is absolutely perfect for you?"

Well said. I think that it is far more important to be perfect for each other than perfect in general. After all, none of us is really perfect anyways right?

Anonymous said...

I like your post babygirl! Before I met Daddy my fantasy guy had blonde hair and blue eyes, but then Daddy had brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes with golden flecks in them. He was and is perfect for me!


P.S. He is 6' 3", though!!!

Unknown said...

What if you find the good in the fact that he is a workaholic? (aka a good provider, takes pride in his work, gives his all)

baby girl said...


How right you are! None of us are perfect, so why do we feel we need to search for perfection?


If you hadn't followed your heart and stuck to the script instead, you might never have found your Daddy. And the fact that he's 6'3" ain't a bad thing :-)


Exactly! Sometimes it's all in how you look at it. You can constantly complain about how much he works, or you can choose to be more supportive of the fact that he works his tail of you make sure those who rely on him have everything they need.

kiwigirliegirl said...

I love the post :) its so very true and you said it very well.
Thank you for sharing love and hugs xxx

Baby Girl said...

I absolutely love the post, babygirl. Lots of love.

baby girl said...


Glad you enjoyed it.

Baby Girl,

Thanks for the love. Can never have too much of that!

Anonymous said...

I so agree. I am so very new to this world and your blog is helping me so much. Thank you.