Saturday, July 16, 2011

Daddy's Home

Though it doesn't happen often, you have been away on business. Unlike other couples, we manage the short time apart well, considering that for the longest time, we were separated by a vast ocean - each on our own continent. I knew that you would be home this evening - just not entirely sure when. Of course I offered to wait up for you. Ever the gentleman, you would not hear of it. It would be one thing if you knew an approximate time, but as you were unsure, you ordered me to adhere to my regular curfew.

Once the house was settled for the evening, I showered and prepared for bed. Admittedly a bit nostalgic, I decided to don one of your shirts to sleep in - sans panties, of course. After reading a bit, I shut off the bedside light and made my way to your side of the bed. Maybe you are not aware of this, but it’s something I do on the rare occasions when you are not here. It makes me feel closer to you. Before I completely surrender to my impending slumber, I say out loud, “Goodnight, Daddy. I’ll meet you shortly in your dreams.”

As sleep comes, I can feel your presence. I lay face down on your pillow still fragrant with your scent. Happy thoughts wash over me -- conversations at the dinner table, walks in the park and laughing about nothing in particular. I can still feel your arms around my waist as I am busy at the kitchen counter. It is almost as if you are right here - the dream is so vivid.

I feel your breath against my neck. The touch of you moving my hair away to make a clear path to leave kisses along my check, my neck, my ear. You whisper in my ear, “You are mine, baby girl. Always. I love my baby girl…I love my baby girl.
Yes, Daddy,” I respond drowsily. The dream is so intense I am subconsciously responding.

Still dreaming, I don’t realize that you have returned from your trip. Not having to be up early, you decide not to wake me. You watch me sleep for a moment. There is a full moon so it illuminates a bit of the room. Ever the artist, you find the glow it casts across me appealing. You notice that I am partially on your side of the bed. Gently, you peel back the blanket and smile at my decision of nightwear. I am on my belly and you lift up the shirt so it is gathered about my waist. You smile. Fully exposed, illuminated by Bella Luna herself, is my bare bottom. I stir about a bit, but I do not wake.

Landing a few soft kisses to my bottom, you slide your finger inside me, surprised to find that it is instantly prepared for you. I begin to wiggle a bit, but still I am asleep. As your fingers begin to work their magic, I am becoming semi-conscious now. I distinctly hear, “Daddy’s home, baby girl,” though I am still unclear if it is the dream-you or the real you. The feeling between my legs is suddenly so intense I slowly come out of my sleep and begin to ride the wave. My body thrashes and twists and I begin to comply with the impromptu fingering. “Did you miss, Daddy, baby girl?” You graciously forgive my inability to articulate a response. Mostly I think because you know the question is rhetorical. “Yes, I can tell baby girl missed her Daddy.” I can no longer stifle the moans. I claw at the sheets and bury my face in the pillow. I have reached the edge of the cliff and there is only one escape. “What’s that, baby girl” “……I…” “Are you ready to cum for Daddy?” I say something that vaguely sounds like, “Yes."

The permission to orgasm and you sucking my neck are more than I can bear. A orgasm rips its way through my body like a tidal wave. As I struggle to catch my breath, I can feel you straddle me as I lay face down still. I shudder as you enter me from behind. A moan escapes me as you whisper in my ear, “Daddy’s home, baby girl.”


Anonymous said...

This is very much like real life. If I didn't know better, I'd think you've been spying on Daddy and I in our bedroom, lol!


baby girl said...


Wasn't spying, just sometimes my imagination gets the best of me!

You know my motto, "If you write it, he will come..."


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