Monday, September 26, 2011

Be Ready

Be ready.”

Those two simply words sounded decidedly ominous. When he was in a mood, words tended to be sparse. As a matter of fact - one could say words were almost unnecessary.

He had been a way on business for a little over a week. Just when he was due to return, a last minute snafu required his attention. Owed to his strong work ethic, he needed to ensure that everything was once again running smoothly before he would feel comfortable enough to pull himself away.

Her heart beat erratically. He didn’t say when. He didn’t say how. He didn’t say where. She wanted so desperately to please him - she just hoped that when he arrived she would get a chance to do just that.

She made quick work of checking and rechecking the house to ensure that everything was just so. While not a total neat freak, he liked things orderly, but wanted the house to look lived in rather than a museum.

Favorite adult beverages on hand. Check. Favorite meal ready to be quickly reheated if needed. Check and re-check. Favorite toys which could double as delicious torture devices. Double check. 

Damn! Sometimes this was so hard. He loved coming home finding her in lingerie, but he also enjoyed her being naked when he walked through the door. Not knowing which he wanted was a bit unnerving. She decided to split the difference and wear very little. Maybe some stockings, which he loved, and a bra and panties. Nice to look at and easy to remove.

The anticipation began to consume her. The trickle began to grow into a rapid river - her tides ebbing and flowing uncontrollably. She lay on her back thinking of him towering over and completely filling her up. She removed her bra and touched, writhed and bucked and came this close to crossing the edge. It’s not that she didn’t want to - but she knew not to climax without permission. Quickly she dashed to the bathroom to freshen up. 

Without ceremony, his hand landed on her bottom. The sound was much like thunder. The blows sure came down as steady as rain. When she thought she might asphyxiate from her rapid breathing, he ordered her to walk to the bed and remove what was left of her clothes. 

Daddy’s little girl is going to take a serious pounding. Whether you cum or not will be irrelevant. I have waited for a week to be unleashed and I don’t plan on being gentle. Don’t plan on sitting or walking comfortably for the next few days.”

With that, he pushed her down on the bed, flung her legs over her head as far back as they could go, and began pounding her holes. 

She wiggled, and undulated and even cried a little. 

He, however, hadn’t even really begun to deliver everything he had in store for her tonight…


kiwigirliegirl said...

ohhh very hot - is there a part 2?

ekho_reborn said...

Very hot! I agree - part 2?

Baby Girl said...

Hello there, from one baby girl to another! And I completely agree with the others on this one...sooooo hot! Thank you for sharing!

Take care,
Baby Girl :)

Simon Taylor said...

I love the words and the images they conjour up it's really very good... baby girl

baby girl said...

kiwigirliegirl and ekho_reborn,

I'm glad you found it hot. To be honest, I found it made me hot writing it - which isn't always the case. Perhaps there will be a sequel. Any suggestions? ;-)

Baby Girl,

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Welcome to my blog - I hope you will visit often.


You are too kind. Thank you.

1ManView said...

This was vivid, creative and erotic... Hot write Baby Girl ...

baby girl said...


Thanks for the compliment. I'm always pleased when I receive positive male feedback.