Sunday, September 4, 2011

For Your Pleasure, Sir

One of her favorite things is being awaken with him on top of her. The unmitigated dominance. The unbridled power. It was a frequent fantasy of hers. The best of both worlds. His baby girl often got the softer, attentive side. He cared, protected and cherished her. Then there was his primal side. He did whatever he pleased with his naughty little slut.

There would be no fanfare this morning. He had carnal cravings that needed to be satisfied. He mounted her as she lay sleeping on her belly and thrust his hardness inside her. His hand around her neck, his raspy voice growled in her ear: “You are not my baby girl this morning. Right now, I am going to use you. I am taking what I need. You belong to me completely. You are going to be fucked hard and deep and rough. You will not cum, but will carry mine around with you all day to remind you that I am in control. This is about taking what I want. You are owned. Possessed. Taken. You are mine.”

A throaty “I am here.. for your pleasure, Sir” was all she could muster and it seemed fitting. Then again, what more need be said?


Unknown said...

Wow. So hot to be used in that manner!

Lea said...

That's quite a way to be woken up. :-)

Mikki said...


Giggling Bunny said...

*shifts in her seat friskily* yeah...shouldn't have read this at work lol

baby girl said...


I agree. Being used this way: Perfect!


Totally! Beats any alarm clock I'e ever seen.


Glad you enjoyed!

Giggling Bunny,

I hope it made your day pleasant at least!

Abel1234 said...

Soooooo... hot. Such an erotic piece of writing. Loved it!

baby girl said...


I'm glad you enjoyed it - thanks!