Thursday, September 22, 2011

Until Then

There is nothing so lonely as a queen size bed without my King
Time can be cruel and distance as unforgiving
as a phone that doesn't ring

Is it wrong that my heart beats only for you? 
That it wants what it wants?
That it overflows with desire for you?

I caress your collar for it is my unbreakable tether to you 
It keeps your hand around my neck
me over your knee
and kneeling in front of you

I know you can't be here right now

So, until then
I will be waiting with bated breath for your return
where you shall find me
 in my place 
where I am happiest...
face down
ass up
and always your
submissive baby girl


1ManView said...

The feeling of wanting, flows deep from your pen...

Unknown said...

You are reading my heart.

Simon Taylor said...

Poetic as ever and stright to my heart baby girl

Lea said...

Very nicely written. Love your pics.

baby girl said...


There is indeed a deep feeling of want inside...Glad it came across.


I wrote this from my heart and I'm glad it resonated with you.


Thanks for the compliment.

I am happy you enjoyed it

John said...

I think it great that you write with lotz of passion :) Kudos :)

baby girl said...


Thanks for the kind words. I love when my writing reaches men in some way. It presents another perspective. Please stop by again soon and often.